Build With Us.


Build the future with us

We work with high-performance individuals to become founders.

You don’t need an idea to apply, although having one doesn’t hurt.  We’ll work together to source, validate, and build out a scalable idea into a meaningful company.  Whether that’s finding your CTO co-founder, building out a sales and marketing function, to pounding the pavement to get your first sale, we’ll be right there with you in the trenches.

Surround yourself with the right people and team to build and scale your business.

We offer:

  • Hands-on guidance, idea validation, and growth support

  • Critical hiring and recruitment resources

  • Initial pre-seed funding to get your initial traction

  • Office space to scale

  • Significant discounts through Harvest partnerships

  • Discounted legal and corporate services

  • Access to Harvest shared resources

We're looking for...

Harvest founders

Our founders have a knack for business and hustle – they can hack an MVP together within days, combining a strong entrepreneurial background with a product mindset.  They set the direction for the company, assemble their team, and are constantly scaling.

Founders start a business with Harvest Ventures with a head start – we’ll help find founding team members, provide investment dollars, office space, deeply discounted products/services, and lifetime mentorship.

Harvest builders

Interested in working with us but not as a founder (yet)?  No problem – our startups are always looking for high-performance individuals to help grow and build.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with experience sales or growth marketer, UX/UI designer, product lead, or engineer, or a corporate professional with experience in finance, accounting, legal, or HR we want to hear from you.

You’ll get exposure to fast-moving startups, learn at exponential rates, and be challenged like you’ve never been challenged before.