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We created Harvest to quickly launch and scale meaningful companies.  When we were building SkipTheDishes, we always did things differently – we raised less capital than our peers, we took the harder options, and we built a $200M+ (and growing) company in the Canadian Prairies when no one thought we could.  We resisted the draw to the status quo and played to our strengths – our roots, our frugality, and our ability to think differently. 

We have amazing talent in Canada, but because of the lack of tech startup opportunities we continue to be susceptible to ‘brain drain’. From Calgary to Saskatoon to Winnipeg and everywhere else in between, it’s our time to make an impact.

We’re changing the face of entrepreneurship with a new model and bringing together the next generation of founders, right here in the Canadian Prairies.

Want to work on something meaningful?  Come Build With Us

Who we are.

We’re a team of world-class builders, operators, and investors who have started companies from a napkin, grown to millions of users, raised capital from investors, and successfully scaled companies towards exit.

We’ve done it before. We started Harvest Ventures to build the next generation of podium companies. 

We don’t place a large number of bets, we’re looking to co-build lifelong relationships with meaningful companies.


“Harvesting local talent into global companies”

Chris Simair |  Managing director


What we do.

Companies are hard to start and scale, so we’re here to help. We form high-performance founding teams, vet grand ideas, and bring investment capital to the table. We’re founders at heart and have done it all before, right here in the Canadian Prairies. At Harvest we co-build large ideas. By providing top founders with access to the networks, talent, and capital required to scale the next generation of disruptive companies across the Canadian Prairies. 

How we do it.

We don’t make a large number of small bets - we take a long term approach to company building, by co-building select ventures with select founders. At Harvest, we germinate the highest potential founders, and ideas with Seed Talent through our Harvest Builders, and Seed Capital through our Harvest Fund in order to optimize early stage growth and maximize growth potential.

01. founding team

We work with high potential, competitive founders that are looking to build a startup alongside a co-founding team.

02. ideation

With founders, we filter and validate hundreds of ideas to end up at a select few that have global reach, an edge, and can rapidly scale.

03. seed talent

We invest our Harvest Builders into the venture, leveraging our internal team of senior & executive talent to accelerate growth and product development.

04. seed capital

We invest our own funds into the venture, while leveraging our external network of 100+ investors to provide access to strategic funds.



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